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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

#BRAHotTopics Lady Gaga wants to perform on the roof of the Super Bowl stadium: Some people go to the games to watch the game others go for the half time shows.
So here is the thing, halftime shows are always star-studded spectacles with Beyonce doing crazy black power routine, Madonna being brought by a bunch of men on a thrown dressed like Spartans etc. Now this year lady Gaga has a plan of performing on the roof of the stadium. (See attached pic for stadium look) This has got her team, security, insurance and the show's technicians worried, but the Grammy winner is not taking no for an answer. ( Honestly cant wait to see what happens this February 5th)

Do you think Lady Gaga has goon gaga or her wish is valid? (Via Deejay Bluemoon)


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