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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Bluebox Charts Achievers are artists that have made a significant change, addition or buzz in the Entertainment Industry in a particular period in Bluebox Radio Active aspect. In this case, we are talking of 2016 and the following artists have made the list.

Beniton aka Jack Frostt (New York/USA) 

Basically came to know about Beniton Last year from a viral Facebook video of Rihanna's Work Remix gathering more than 10 million views. The remix was catchy and a great party song since he brought in that complete Jamaican dancehall groove in it blending it with the Rihanna vocals.

Beniton was not ready to stop for he released a couple more remixes and his tunes in between and they all hit the viral thread like a bush fire. That is why we give this artist is the Bluebox Charts achievers of 2016.  (Via +Deejay Bluemoon™ )

(Pause the radio on the left to watch the video below)

Click links for  [ Beniton Facbook ] | [ Beniton Instagram ] | [ Beniton Biography ]


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