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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Dj Swift Skillz is one versatile and unpredictable DJ who has mastered the art Of Dj and Mc at a whole new level. 

Swift has a good ear for good music and will kick start any Party as swiftly as breath in breath out. He is fun, passionate, dedicated, and daring and a darling of his work and the Dj Box as his Office at Large. 

With his popular Slogan “ Mr Half Man Half Amazing “ Swift has Mastered the art of entertain his crowd and his prowess lies in different genres but Once he touch That Afro pop Genre, Dancehall with a touch of reggae and mainstream club and Hip Hop genres the your night will be transformed and memories will be created. 

Swift Started off his Craft in Kampala, Uganda a couple of years ago when he Joined campus at Kampala International University for a bachelors in Mass Communication. Kampala being the official African Las Vegas Swift Felt In love with the night life and got fascinated by the Life of a Dj and entertainment.

From there Dj Swift Skillz learnt the art of Djying from different djs whom he befriended by the fact that he was passion Driven. These Djs Inclde : Dj Magic Switch , DjRagos , DjTumz and swift went on to craft his own Signature style of entertain.

Later On Swift Joined Forces with Dj Darddy and Deejay Bluemoon and this took their career to a whole new Level and Possibilities. 

You Can Catch Dj Swift Skillz On Bluebox Radio On: East Africa Rave | 8:00 - 10:00 Pm EAT | 6:00 - 8:00 Pm U.K Taking you on an East African Ride Musically. That Club effect before you hit the club

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