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Music Beyond Borders.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Christine Williams A.K.A Fancy Lady, is a Reggae/Dancehall, Rnb Artist based in Canada. Fancy Lady was born in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. She spent most of her childhood in Kingston but later on in her teens moved with the family to Canada where she started her musical journey.

Fancy Lady has worked with different artists across the board. Some of these artists include a four member band (S.M.P) of Marvin chin, Mr. Snipe, Bobby Slice and herself and producing her their first song "Summer time" produced by Marvin Chin. She later on released "Full Enjoyment " as a solo after the group split with Producer Cory from Music Force , "Rolling Out " produced by Faze from Fizzle Production and "Happy Holiday" produced by SK from Harddryve Records.

Later on Fancy Lady Founded her Record Label (FL Productions) in which she has Collaborated with several organizations such as Bluebox Radio Active Ltd where in collaboration with Deejay Bluemoon™  , where she recorded 'Caja'. The second organization is Harddryve Records in Jamaica, where she recorded 'Happy Holiday' , The third organization was Ninja Force Radio The organizations includes song writers, persons of Media Coverage, Radio Personnel, male and female Dis Jockie's from around the world. Artists from various countries, Producers, Management, Engineers and Graphic Designers. Latest Releases include "If you Fall" and "Close to Me"


Presently, Fancy Lady, is helping in the Marketing of Bluebox Radio Active and Manager for up coming Artist known as "90's" in Jamaica, is now focused and working on more singles, her album and completing projects for her label FL Production. 

You can contact Fancy Lady via email: fl.production@hotmail.com and on the following social media links.


'If you Fall’ Fancy lady's hit single is a great addition to her library and you will most definitely enjoy. 
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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Shavanique Allen aka Shav-a, was born in Kingston, Jamaica at the Andrews memorial and raised in Portmore. She is the fifth of nine siblings of her Father Admiral Tibet, a prominent figure in the reggae music industry. The vivacious yet shy singer has a refreshing soulful sound and a knack for the R&B, Pop. Reggae & Dancehall genre of music and as such has been inspired by Artists such as Celine Dion, Beyonce Knowles, and Whitney Huston to name a few.
Shav-A began singing at the tender age of ten but revealed her true talent when she was about sixteen years old, she got the support of her family and friends to continue a career in music. She strives for improvement in any way she can and has performed at karaoke events, hotel talent shows and on her school and church choir. Being grounded in her roots she promotes fun, love, happiness, positivity and consciousness in her music.
Her first official single “Dance the Night Away” done on the 1ST Klass Rhythm a Bonner yard Production got major rotation on the local radio stations leading to the release of two more singles A Long Run and Sight. Being a diverse artist, she decided to do a different project bringing in the reggae dancehall mix with yet a new single "Can't get Enough". The project got a good reception across the globe leading to radio interviews as far as Uganda in Africa.

Shav-a has already captivated the hearts of most with her pure and natural talent, and plans to continue doing great music. Her aim is to attain international success and believes that hard work is the only way to accomplish such an achievement.


'Missing You’ Shav-A’s hit single is a great addition to her library and you will most definitely enjoy.
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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

We just came to the end of Bluebox Music Week and we want to thank all those who participated. Bluebox Music Week is meant to show case artists in a more in depth view into their art , plans and the music industry. More than 200 Artist participated in sending their music from across the globe, though not all managed to be interviewed on radio. 

We are grateful same way for your participation, for most of your contribution will help build the next artist hence the greater vision of a better inclusive industry. 

Special thanks goes to Fancy Lady from Canada, Ameytuz Jir from Ghana, African Yayo from Uganda and Jay Plus from Kenya. Your tireless work in promoting and pushing the projects a gender was clearly felt. Thank you!

Deejay Bluemoon

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Bluebox Radio Active went live officially on 4th April 2016 and since then it has been building up to be the station that focuses on your entertainment needs. News from the management team suggests that the station has indeed been picking up pace and followers at a rapid scale such that a relaunch possibility wasn't left out. 

We have been looking forward to give you the best of entertainment news and music from across the globe and we believe that the time has come; from our live shows, podcasts, mixtapes to posts we intend to keep you glued to your phone, radio, TV or any other device you use to listen to us.

Now if we gave up this would you have the same curiosity? lol Anyway expect us to maintain the class, quality and clarity. Help us spread the word, Bluebox Radio Active (#BRA) is here.

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